Stuffed Red Peppers

The best stuffed pepper recipe calls for a change in the traditional key ingredient. Green bell peppers are most often associated with the American version of the stuffed pepper, but substituting the sweeter, ‘smoother’ tasting red bell pepper will have your guests lining up and looking forward to filling your seats. A delicious comfort food that has all of the qualities to be served anytime of year.
Before you begin preparing your peppers, preheat your oven to 325°. Also, prepare 4 cups of plain white rice according to the package directions and set aside to cool.

Step 1
Choose 10 Large Red Bell Peppers that have a ‘cubelike’ shape. Inspect peppers for any signs of age or blemish that may make them unsuitable for consumption. Wash your peppers and allow them to dry. Lay your peppers out on a full size cutting board.stuffed red peppers step 1 and 2Step 2
Using a sharpened chef’s knife or utility knife, cut your red peppers in half from top to bottom. Pull away the peppers core and remove any pepper seeds by rinsing you red bell peppers under cold water. After you have finished cleaning your peppers allow them to air dry for several minutes.

Step 3
In a large mixing bowl combine, 10 pounds of lean ground beef, 5 eggs, half cup oregano leaves, half cup basil lieaves, 1 pound of bread crumbs, and the prepared white rice.ground beef and rice mixture for stuffed red peppers

Step 4
Wearing food service gloves, thoroughly mix all of the ingredients together by hand, Kneading the mixture until a uniform blend is achieved.

Step 5
While still wearing your sanitary Protective Gloves, Fill or ‘stuff’ your red bell pepper halves with enough ground beef mixture to slightly ’round over’ the top. Continue until you have filled all of the pepper halves. If there is any mix remaining, add more to each pepper until it is gone.

stuffing red peppersStep 6
Using a 4 ounce ladle top each stuffed red bell pepper with your favorite marinara sauce. Spread the marinara sauce to about a quarter inch from the edge of the stuffed pepper.

Step 7
Place your peppers in your preheated convection or conventional oven Bake for approximately 40 minutes, checking on their progress with a thermometer after 30 minutes. A final internal temperature of 155 to 160° should be attained prior to serving.  Accompany with Toasted Garlic or focaccia bread.perfect stuffed red peppers

Having a signature dinner selection on your menu is essential for repeat business. A one of a kind dish that no other restaurant nearby has available, and even if they did , it just does not compare to that homemade specialty created in your kitchen.

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