Serving Sizzling Fajitas

To serve authentic fajitas you’ll need the proper ‘fajita-ware’:

  • A cast iron Skillet.fajita set fajita wares
  • A serving tray.
  • A hot handle holder.
  • A Tortilla Holder .

Fajitas Ingredient List (Per Person)

  • 4 ea Fajita sized tortillas (6-8inch)
  • 1 cup Green Bell Peppers (Julienne)
  • 1 cup Red Bell Peppers (Julienne)
  • 1 cup Spanish Onions (Julienne)
  • Your “Fajita Choice” (Chicken, steak, seafood) 6-8oz portion
  • Condiments (Guacamole, salsa, sour cream, etc..)

Fire It Upsizzling fajitas on a cast ioron skillet

  • Prepare your chicken, steak or seafood choice as desired. (We recommend grilling).
  • Heat your cast iron fajita skillet over a medium high heat on your range top.
  • Add 2 Tbsp of oil or margarine to a 10 inch sautee pan and heat on high.
  • Add the peppers and onions to the hot pan and sautee until cooked.
  • When ready to serve, pour the cooked peppers and onions onto the hot skillet. (Don’t use any butter or oil on the skillet).
  • Top your sizzling platter with your fajita choice.
  • Serve with flour tortillas, salsa and sour cream (And whatever other condiments you desire).

Fajitas can be customized to accomodate your guests, especially if they have any dietary needs.

Fajitas can also be tailored to any theme that you may be promoting. For instance, if you are featuring a “Barbecue Night” at your restaurant,  you can offer a pulled pork fajitas or a “Bourbon Street ” menu could feature “Shrimp and Creole Fajitas”. Whatever the occasion, fajitas are a versatile menu addition.