International Meatloaf

meatloaf spanish style meatloafMeatloaf is traditional world wide. A low cost, high protein meal with enough versatility to match any menu style. You can customize meatloaf for any occasion or gathering.

Polish “Galumpkis”

Poland – The Polish use a traditional meat mixture of ground beef eggs and bread but add cooked white rice. The meat and rice mixture is seasoned and formed into ‘fingerlings’ of about 3 ounces. These are then wrapped in cabbage, topped with your favorite marinara sauce and baked. These are known as “lumkies” or “galumpkis”.

The Philippines – Their meatloaf dish is called embotido, made of well seasoned ground pork, minced carrots, sausages, and whole boiled eggs. The meat is molded into a roll with the sausages and hard boiled eggs set in the middle. It is then wrapped in banana leaves or aluminum foil and steamed.

Austria – The Austrian meatloaf version is called Faschierter Braten. It is wrapped in ham prior to baking. It is traditionally served with mashed potatoes.

Denmark – Danish meatloaf is called forloren hare or “farsbrod” and is usually made from a mixture of ground pork and beef with strips of bacon on top.

Germany – In Germany, meatloaf is referred to as Hackbraten, Faschierter Braten or Falscher Hase. It is usually prepared with hard boiled eggs inside.

Hungary – ‘Stefania meatloaf’ or Stefania ‘slices’ are a long meatloaf baked in a loaf pan with 3 hard boiled eggs in the asian inspired meatloaf topped with teriyali sauce and served with ricemiddle, making decorative white and yellow rings in the middle of the slices when served.

Italy – In Italy meatloaf is called polpettone and can be filled with prosciutto or ham and cheese. Adding Italian style herbs will give an authentic Tuscan flavor and aroma.

Jewish cuisine – In Jewish cuisine meatloaf is called Klops and can be served cold or hot. It is sometimes filled with hard boiled eggs.

Macedonia – Rolat and kofta are Arab and Persian versions of meatloaf. South-Asian Ground beef is rolled and cooked until brown. It can be cooked with vegetables and various sauces.

Romania – In Romanian Cuisine their meatloaf is called drob, similar to other minced meat dishes in the region, it is a mixture of lamb and pork or veal.

Bulgaria –  The Bulgarian ‘Rulo Stefani’ meatloaf is similar to the Hungarian Stefánia meatloaf, with hard boiled eggs in the middle.

Czech Republic – In the Czech Republic, meatloaf is referred to as sekaná. It is optional to put hard boiled eggs, gherkin or wiener wurst inside.

Greater Middle East – Kafta or kofta is a similar dish which the mixture can be made into hamburgers and kebabs. It usually has parsley in it.

When preparing meatloaf in the United States, anything and everything goes. Whether you make meatloaf stuffed with broccoli and cheddar cheese or top it with bacon, onions and barbecue sauce, you start with a basic traditional recipe and add your favorite ingredients.