Beer Batter Frying

(Preheat your fryer to 350°)

Ready For Frying…

Step 1 – Choose the piece of fish that you would like to fry. You can beer batter and deep fry just about anything following this same method. Chicken and steak shchoose your fish for fryingould be sliced thinly or ‘pounded thin’.



Step 2 – Lightly coat coat your haddock with yellow flouryour fish filet or other product with flour or clam fry mix. This will give the beer batter something to cling to.



Step 3 – Dip your fish dipping fish in beer batterfilet in the beer batter, being sure to uniformly and completely coat the item being fried.



Step 4 – With your oil frying fishpreheated to a temperature of 350 degrees, cautiously ‘float’ your beer battered fish filet into the hot oil. This allows the outer most batter to quickly fry over and seal the product. Release the fish filet after 3 – 4 seconds.


Step 5 – Allow your fried food item to frying fish filets of haddockcompletely cook through until an internal temperature of 160° is attained. Denser food items such as chicken or steak will need longer cooking time than fish filets and seafood in general.


Step 6 – When you are using a wet beer batter toskimming the 'crisps' from a fryer cook fried foods, some of the batter will ‘fly-off’ from your food and will float to the top of the fryer. This can be skimmed away and discarded. Some shops in England sell them in paper bags. They call them “crisps” and serve them with malt vinegar.


Step 7 – Remove your fish filets from tdrip away the excess oilhe fryer and let the hot oil drip away for 1 to 2 minutes. Though it’s recommended to serve immediately, beer battered fish will hold it’s heat for several minutes making it easy to ‘time’ your meals.


Serve with french fries, creamy coleslaw, lemon and tartar sauce. For an authentic English style fish & chips serve with malt vinegar.guinness battered fish and chips