Beer Batter for Fish & Chips

Preparing Your Beer Batter:

A. Using your favorite beer (on tap or from the bottle), pour about 4 pints into a stainless steel pan. Use a pan that is large enough to ‘dip’ your fish into the batter without the beer batter over flowing the pan. Thisbeer on tap for beer batter amount of beer will make enough batter for 15 to 20 portions. When choosing your beer keep in mind that the darker the beer is (Guinness and other ‘stouts’) – the darker your batter will be when cooking.

B. For each half gallon of beer, add corn flour to beeradd a pound of clam fry mix or corn flour.



C. Fold in flour while whisking the beer withadd corn flour to your beer a French wire whip. Continue adding flour until you reach the texture of a thin pancake batter or a thin milkshake.



D. Your beer batter is now ready. It will ‘thicken’beer batter for fish and chips while you use it. if you need to ‘thin it out’ whisk in more of your favorite beer to the batter.



(Preheat your fryer to 350°)

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