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Every restaurant needs to protect itself from unjust unemployment claims, lawsuits and former employees that would seek to do it harm. Having an employee handbook that outlines unwanted and unacceptable behavior will aid you in handling these situations when they arise. Lower unemployment costs and save money at your restaurant, pub or professional food service business.

We offer a carefully worded and complete handbook that explains in simple easy to understand terms, what can and can not be tolerated in the work place.

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Topics covered:

Each pamphlet includes a ‘Terms of Employment” page detailing individual benefits and pay rates for new employees. It also provides a signature of acknowledgement from the employee that will serve to protect you if needed.

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Having over thirty years in the restaurant business, I know what a restaurant needs to protect itself in a challenging industry. One of the biggest unnecessary expenses that I have encountered over the years has been unemployment claims, between lost time and lost cases. Lower your operating costs with the right business plan.

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