Baked Stuffed Maine Lobster

Whether you are a big fan of pier fresh sea scallops or if you prefer sweet baby shrimp, the seafood that you select to prepare your stuffing is as important as the lobster itself.

Seafood Stuffing
Ingredients:New England Stuffed Lobster

  • 1 lb margarine.
  • 1 oz each finely diced celery & onion.
  • 1 lb fresh seafood.(Scallops, baby shrimp, whitefish, etc…)
  • 2 oz fresh chopped garlic.
  • A pinch of dill weed, basil and oregano.
  • 2 lbs of fresh bread.


  • Grind fresh bread in processor or chop with your chef’s knife and set aside.
  • Combine remaining ingredients in a 4 quart saucepan.
  • Simmer over a low to medium heat until seafood is fully cooked.
  • Add ground bread crumbs and thoroughly blend together.

Recipe makes enough stuffing for about 6 One and a quarter pound lobsters.

Ready To Stuff Your Lobsters

  • Turn your lobster ‘upside down’ so that it’s legs are facing upward.
  • While holding the legs and claws toward stuffing a lobster the head of the lobster, insert the point of your chef’s knife into the center of the lobsters body.
  • Slice down with your knife splitting as far down as the base of the tail.
  • Turn the lobster 180 degrees and slice down partly through the head. (Be careful not to cut yourself as a lobsters shell can be difficult to cut through!)
  • Rinse the lobsters liver and organs away with cold water.

Now that you are all ‘prepped’ for your stuffed lobster dinner –┬ápreheat your oven to 400 degrees.

Using a roasting pan large enough for the number of lobsters you are cooking, lay out your split lobsters and pack them until they are ‘overflowing’ with your freshly prepared seafood stuffing.

Bake your lobster for about 25 minutes for one.

Add 5 minutes for each additional lobster.

Chef’s Notes

  • While not all lobster lovers enjoy the liver that is removed when preparing your lobster for stuffing, it can be a sweet additive to yourseafood stuffing. Instead of discarding this flavorful part of your lobster you can mince it and add it to your mixture of fresh seafood. This will add an indescribable richness to your stuffing.
  • You can also substitute cracker crumbs for your fresh ground bread or have a combination of the two.
  • Top your stuffed lobster with a jumbo shrimp for an elegant looking New England favorite.
  • If you are too squeamish to split you lobster when it is alive, “parboil” it, chill it in cold water and split it afterwards.
  • Prepare a Lazy Lobster Pie instead of a traditional Stuffed Lobster.

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