Maine Lobster Roll

The lobster roll is the quintessential summertime treat.  Traditionally a New England dish, a well mixed blend of regional ingredients can ‘twist’ this scrumptious delicacy into a meal worthy of serving anywhere from Maine to California. No matter how you mix it up there is  a key to the success of your traditional lobster salad roll - served on the patio at our publobster roll, the roll itself. The best way to make a great roll is simple, lightly butter both sides of your frankfurter bun and pan grill them until they’re golden brown. The combination of the sweet succulent lobster meat on a buttery grilled bun is what makes a lobster roll so special. It’s a combination that can’t be beat.

Traditional Maine Lobster Salad:

1 lb of lobster meat (a blend of tail, knuckle and claw meat is preferred)
4 oz of mayonnaise (homememade or your favorite brand)
1 oz finely diced celery
a pinch of dill and Old Bay seasoning (optional)
Thoroughly blend all ingredients together.

  • For a “Connecticut” lobster roll, serve your lobster warm and buttered on your grilled roll.
  • To create a “South of the border”  seafood favorite wrap your lobster salad in a flour tortilla with mixed mesclun greens, roasted kernel corn and chipotle seasonings.
  • In California, you can toss roasted red peppers and sun dried tomato slices  with your lobster salad. Stack it on artisan bread with Monterey Jack cheese and avacado slices.
  • Your Caribbean connection can include fresh melon, pineapple and mango.

No matter how you mix it, lobster salad should be an every day event on your menu. So experiment with your ingredients and find a blend that reflects your restaurants theme. Your guests will be grateful, we promise!!


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