Lobsters At Your Restaurant

If you plan to sell live lobsters at your restaurant, you’ll need to learn to maintain your lobster population.

While there are live wells and lobster pools available to keep your lobsters fresh and alive, most restaurants can’t afford the cost, upkeep or space for such a luxury.

Therefore, a system for ‘caring for your lobsters’ is a skill that needs to be masteredLobsters held in a basket for a restaurant by the chef in charge of the shellfish department.

The high cost and high risk of live lobsters can prevent some restaurants from adding these tasty crustaceans to their daily fare.

While there is a common sense approach to handling live lobsters, there are also some simple not so common practices that will make selling live lobsters more profitable in the long run.

When your lobsters arrive, you should inspect them immediately.

Your lobsters should be alive and fiesty.

If any of your lobsters appear dead or very sluggish then they should be cooked immediately.

Also inspect your lobster for any signs of trauma to its body or appendages. – Remember that your cooked lobster must be appealing to the eye when  it is served.

Transfer all the live lobsters to a clean and dry plastic tub or stainless steel pan. Do not cover them with anything (biggest rule – CLEAN & DRY).

Any lobsters leftover at the end of the day should stay in its container until the next morning.

On the following shift, your lobsters should be reinspected using the same procedures.

Any dead lobsters should be cooked as soon as possible.

Your cooked lobsters can be cooled and reheated in a pot of boiling water.

Any lobster that can not be reheated because of imperfections can be ‘shucked’ of its meat and used for any of the lobster recipes found on our site.

If you do begin to sell live lobster, consider adding a menu item that incorporates lobster meat such as a New England Lobster Roll. This will give you an opportunity to use any shucked meat quickly.

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