Facts About Lobsters

Interesting Lobster Facts

  • Lobster tails have a firm and somewhat chewy texture with a sweet & salty seafood flavor.
  • The ‘knuckles’ or arms of a lobster as well as the claws are much more tender with the same savory taste.
  • During the summer season, from late June to the end of September, ‘soft shell’ lobsters are available. The lobsters are experiencing a molting stage in which they shed their shells and grow a new larger one.
  • When a lobsters shell is soft, the lobster will yield less meat than when it’s shell is hard as a rock. Therefore, live maine lobsterthe best months for dining on lobster are March, April and May.
  • Lobsters typically come in a variety of colors with a blend of dark brown, rusty-red and green-blue.
  • Bright blue lobsters as well as solid orange lobsters have been caught in New England waters but are extremely rare.
  • Legal sized lobsters begin at 1 pound and go up to sizes of 6 pounds and more.
  • A general rule of thumb is that it takes 6 years for a lobster to grow 1 pound, so a three pound could be as much as 18 years old!
  • To identify the sex of your lobster, turn it over with it’s belly facing upward. A female lobster will have two “featherlike” appendages at the base of its tail. The male lobster will have two “smooth” and “hard” looking appendages. This is the only way to identify the sex of your lobster prior to cooking.
  • The female tails may have two egg sacks (roe) that, when cooked, will turn bright red. – Along with the roe, lobster “tomalley” is considered a delicacy and is used for making some sauces and can be added to your seafood stuffing.  It is the liver & pancreas of the lobster and turns green when cooked.
  • When you purchase lobsters be sure that they are still alive. You may choose to kill your lobsters immediatly prior to cooking, but they should be alive from the time you purchase them until they are ready to be prepared.
  • Dead lobsters deteriorate very quickly and will be very ‘mushy’ if you wait too long to cook them.
  • The time it takes to cook a lobster  depends on the size of the lobster and the hardness of the shell. When the shells are soft, June through September, lobsters cook much more quickly, a 1 pound lobster will take about 8 minutes at a full boil. When you are serving hard shell lobsters, October until April, allow for extra time as they make take as much as twice the cooking time.

Lobster Nutritional Information:

Based upon 4 oz (114 grams) uncooked lobster meat.

  • Calories/Calories from fat 104/9.3
  • Protein grams 22
  • Fat grams  1
  • Saturated fat grams .22
  • Sodium milligrams 507
  • Cholesterol milligrams 163
  • Omega-3 grams 0

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