Choosing The Right Knife

Having the right set of knives is  essential in the professional kitchen environment. Always choose the right knife for the job. Never use a knife that feels too heavy or too large for you as this could lead to serious injury

Santoku or Chef’s Knife – With a wide heavy bladchefs top five knives santokue, this knife is the work horse of your set. Its primary functions are chopping, slicing and dicing. You should choose a knife that feels comfortable in your hand with good weight distribution.


Scimitar– A long curved blade makes this knifetop knife culinary scimitar ideal for cutting steaks and various cuts of meat. It is also perfect for fileting fish and  also can be used as a boning knife, making filet knives and boning knives obsolete. Look for a knife with a length that feels appropriate for you.


Carving Knife and Fork – Primarily used for tablefive most important knife carving knife and fork side carving, this knife is an essential tool for serving prime rib. Find a knife with an appropriate length for the chef that is using it.


Serrated Sandwich Knife – A must have on your serrated bread knife 5 most important knives in kitchencold sandwich and lunch stations. This is a knife that needs little sharpening, allowing the user to continually produce without having to deal with a dull knife blade. A very versatile knife that can be used for slicing through just about anything with ease.

Paring Knife – A small knife that carries a paring knives are one of the most important knives for a chefbig workload in the professional kitchen. It is used for removing skins and rinds from fruits and vegetables. It also is perfect for deveining shrimp and for working with shellfish or anything that requires a detailed touch.

Along with your knife set you ‘ll need a good ceramic sharpening steel quality sharpening steel  . Sharpening a knife with a steel is a skill every chef must master.  A sharp knife will make clean and precise cuts while a dull knife is extremely dangerous as your cuts can be deflected. Always exercise proper knife safety.


Never use any “gadgets”designed for sharpening a knife as they are exremely dangerous if not used properly. Using these “quick and easy” tools can result in serious injurieaccusharp complaints dangerous gadgets to yourself and others!

Knife sharpening gadgets are extremely dangerous and do not belong in a professional kitchen. If you currently own one of these quick sharpening tools discard it immediately. These devices can and do cause devastating harm and injury to your staff!! Every chef should master sharpening a knife with a proper steel.

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