Hand Cut Sirloin

Hand Cutting Sirloin Steaks – A Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Choose a sirloin strip that has a sealed crovac package.  If you have a package that has a broken seal, then ‘clean’ and process that strip as soon as possible and either serve or freeze. Also look closeley for any defects in the packaging or the product itself. The meat should be bright red and ‘fresh looking’ with no noticeable aroma. – Place your sealed 1×1 choice strip on a clean cutting board with the ‘fat cap’ facing down. – Using your carving knife or cimitar carefully cut away cryovac packaging.

Step 2 – After you have removed the steak strip from the cryovac, wipe awtrim the 'tail' piece of your 1x1 stripay any excess blood and loose fat from your cutting board. With a firm steady hand and a very sharp knife, carefully cut away the ‘tail’ end of the strip (The more narrow edge of the strip) as illustrated. Generally a cut of 1 to 2 inches are trimmed away from the tail. Also trim away any excess fat in the tail area of the strip that appears to be loose or ‘bruised’.

Step 3 – Check the tail for any strips of beef that may still be cleaned away and used for soups & stews. Discard any unusable fat. With the tail endtrim excess fat from the face of the strip removed from the main part of the strip and the strip still on its ‘fat back’, carefully remove any fat that may be on the face of the strip as shown in the photo. This is a step that requires full attention to details as the carving knife can be prone to cutting through quickly. EXERCISE CAUTION!! Do not have a hand or any body part in the path of a sharp knife blade!

Step 4 – After you have removed all of the uneeded fat from the facetrimming the fat from a sirloin strip of the strip, turn the strip over with the tail side away from you. You are now facing the ‘head’ side of the strip and this needs to be removed to prevent the sirlon from ‘curling up’ on the grill. There is a very tough strip of ‘cartilidge’ in this part of the strip sirloin, and if it is not removed it will shrink when cooked and cause curling. This is also an exremely dangerous technique and should be performed with caution. Note the photos for reference.

Step 5 – With your cimitar or carving knife sharpened and ready to shand cut sirloin steaklice, cut the end of the strip away from ‘head to tail’. Set that piece aside to be utilized for sirloin tips, soups and stews. Keeping in mind the size of the steaks that you would like to serve, continually cut your sirloin strip into steaks until you reach the ‘ butt’ of the strip. This part of the strip contains three sections divided by a layer of fat and is not as favorable as a center cut sirloin. Therefore, it is recommended that all of the fat be removed from this cut andthe meat be cubed into 1 inch squares. Perfect for marinating in your favorite recipe.

When grilling your sirloin steak, be sure to preheat your grilling sufully processed sirloin striprface. A high temperature is desired to seal in the juices by searing the outside quickly. After your sirloin has been cooked on the outside , the desired internal temperature is achieved by moving your steak to an area of the grill that is not quite as hot. This should be your ‘finishing area’.  A  ‘rare’ Steak should be removed from the grill at an internal temperature of 128°, a ‘medium’ at 145° and a ‘well done’ at 160° or above.

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