Portion Control Guide

Plan Your Portions. When considering the amounts of food you’ll need for your event, think about the guests that are attending. A group of construction workers will eat much more than ladies attending a baby or bridal shower.

At A Glance. These are ‘median estimates’ for portion planning.


  • Apps. before a meal   2-3 pieces per person per hour
  •  Apps. as a meal   5-6 pieces per person per hour
  • Chilled Salads   4 ounces per person
  • Hot Side Dishes   3-4 ounces per person
  • Pasta as an entrée   6-8 ounces per person
  • Pasta as a side dish   3-4 ounces per person
  • Luncheon Portion   4-6 ounces per person
  • Dinner Portion   6-8 ounces per person
  • Dessert   3-4 ounces per person
  • Rolls/Bread   2 per person


  • Coffee/1 pound Serves 50 one-cup servings
  • Punch/1 gallon Serves 32 4-ounce servings
  • Soda/2 liter Serves 11 6-ounce glasses
  • Serves 10 8-ounce glasses

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