Uncommon Equipment

Chef’s Restaurant Must Haves

A restaurant needs forks and knives, it needs fryers and grills, tables, chairs and ovens. But what about things that you wouldn’t associate with a restaurant. What kind of items does it really take to “make it  work”. We’ve thought of some things that can save you money, time and aggravation, and can build your sales.

  • Basic Tools – Screwdrivers, wrenches, saws and hammers, They are all necessary components of the professional restaurants “tool cabinet”. Being able to fix a minor mechanical problem with ease can quickly take the pressure out of a tense situation, and nothing is more frustrating than knowing how to fix a problem and not having the basic tools on hand to perform the task.
  • Landscaping equipment – Whether you own your own business property or are responsible for the ‘upkeep’ of it, rakes, hoses and shovels should be included as standard equipment. Snow shovels and even high capacity snow throwers  will be put to task in colder regions, while mowers and weeders will see their share of the work in warmer climates.
  • A Wholesale Club Membership – Membership warehouses are the future of the restaurant industry.  Most restaurants are local businesses and need an outlet that caters to small businesses in their area. These member only clubs are not only convenient, they often have the most competitive prices on everything from lettuce to chafing dishes. You also have the advantage of inspecting your product prior to purchase, unlike large deliveries from big name distributors.
  • Copy Machine/Fax Machine/Computer- Whether you’re selling your specials or promoting a fun-filled event, you’ll need to get the word out. In todays hyper-competitive market you need every edge that you can get. Being able to reach your potential customers and guests as “in-the-moment” as you can is essential to success and these three office items are machines that the modern restaurant cannot do without.
  • A Website or Facebook page – Today you need a web presence. As technical advances take place at an astounding pace, your restaurant needs to be brought up-to-date. If someone is looking for your location, chances are they will search the internet to find you. Having a website also gives you an opportunity to make a perfect first impression. A modest website can be easily “built” by anyone with very basic computer skills at a very affordable rate and facebook is FREE. When someone is wondering about your restaurant they are going to search the web or facebook for you!
  • Shop Vac – We’ve listed this itself because it is the most important tool in your arsenal. When you have a dirty, dirty job that no one wants to deal with this high powered cleaning machine takes the “yuck factor” out of it! Whether the busboy spilled a gallon of ranch dressing on the new carpet or your greasetraps need to be cleaned, this is the must have tool for the job. The high suction power of a strong shop vaccuum can clean a blocked drain or clean up a horrible mess quickly and effectively. I couldn’t imagine my restaurant without it!

As your restaurant and business grow, so too will your requirements for unconventional tools and equipment. Always keep your tools clean and organized and in some cases under lock and key. Your savings become considerable as you learn what simple techniques and procedures are most effective for your establishment.

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