Smoke Free Staff

Encourage your staff to quit smoking. The true cost to your business can not be recuperated. Having a smoke free staff will save your restaurant money, time and aggravation. For anyone who is considering quitting, DON”T GIVE UP!

  • Smoking cigarettes lowers productivity.
  • Most people that smoke wish they could quit .
  • Smoking can lead to unsanitary conditions.
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Having smoked nearly 2 packs a day for over 20 years , I never thought that I could “Kick the Habit” . But, working in a restaurant proved to be the best environment to quit smoking. Having something to do all the time is a key component to giving up a bad habit. I was a chain smoker for a long time and if I can quit smoking anyone can.

As the saying goes “If you have time to lean you have time to clean.” Whenever my mind would wander towards a quick smoke break, I would look for something that needed cleaning and I would concentrate on that. Keeping your mind off smoking is very important!

Keeping a supply of seriously strong mints was equally important. I missed the burn in my throat when I would light up. When I would get an urge for a cigarette I would have a strong mint instead – sometimes 3, 4, or even 5 at a time.

You need to ‘want to quit’ before you will. I did not want to smoke anymore and that was something I was sure of. I used the Nicotine Patch for about 8 days, during which time I smoked a “few cigarettes”, and since January 8, 2001 – I have been a non-smoker.

If you get a craving HAVE A MINT!!!. I put this in here again because it really was my biggest key to quitting, have a mint and the craving will pass, If not -HAVE ANOTHER MINT!!

We already know about the cost of smoking as it relates to health.  By now, nearly everyone has heard that smoking often leads to such things as cancer and emphysema among other things. Yet, oftentimes smokers don’t realize that it is important to consider the long-term financial cost of smoking.

Here is a look at what smoking really costs in terms of dollars:

For this example, we will use $6.00 as the average cost for a pack of cigarettes.
We will also consider that the average smoker smokes one pack per day.
Using these numbers, cigarettes cost the average smoker:

$2,920 in one year

$14,600 in five years.

$29,200 in ten years.

$58,400 in twenty years.

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