Start Saving Money Now

It takes time for changes in a routine to net substantial savings, but that does not mean their aren’t ways to put a dent in your overhead in the short term. Identify areas that are costing more than they should and put your efforts behind controlling these high expense areas.

For immediate savings:

  • “86″ items late in the evening – If it is getting near closing time, be sure that your staff isn’t preparing for a rush of business that probably isn’t going to happen.
  • Review invoice prices to identify where you can save and to be sure that you are being charged the proper quoted amount.
  • Inspect incoming products, especially fresh produce for any concealed damage or quality issues.
  • Find supplemental products – instead of using prepared foods, learn to make items from scratch – such as  soups and sauces.
  • Schedule fewer hours and ask people to stay later when needed – asking someone to stay later than their scheduled shift is usually easier than asking someone to go home because business is slow.
  • Price comparing – ask companies that you already do business with, what other products they supply. You may find they carry some of the products that you buy from someone else.
  • Dont just buy from your big companies – visit your local wholesale clubs or retail stores such as Walmart & Target.
  • Have another person look at your scheduling – Sometimes a fresh set of eyes can give a previously unseen perspective.
  • Keep your coolers and storage areas clean, labeled, and organized – Be sure that all of your product is being rotated properly, Always practice FIFO (First In First Out).
  • Train and retrain – Even your best employees could use a refresher course on occasion.