Long Term Savings Plan

  • Join Your States Restaurant Association –  There are many rebates, discounts and benefits to being a member. Different states agencies offer different programs and are the leading resource for information and networking opportunities.
  • Rebates based on buying levels – The larger suppliers such as Sysco have rebates based upon the average amount of your invoices. Ask your marketing representatives if they offer such a program.
  • Uniforms – if you supply your employees with fresh uniforms from a linen service, consider buying garments for your employees. Have your staff care for there own uniforms.
  • Employee retention – The cost of training new employees can extend for weeks, thus becoming a considerable expense. Having long term employees has numerous cost savings benefits. Keep your best employees for as long as you can.
  • Observe your repair guys – learning how to fix some of the smaller things in your restaurant can create huge savings. The price of labor for some professional repairmen can exceed $80.00 per hour. In many cases a little know-how can go a long way!
  • Dont always buy commercial wares – Sometimes wares designed for the personal home kitchen can be as effective as any of the heavy-duty commercial items that cost hundreds of dollars more.
  • Schedule an energy audit – many local utilities have programs that can save thousands of dollars in energy costs. Contact your providers and ask them to conduct an energy audit of your business. In most cases they are free and provide discounts for new fixtures and installations