Digital Scales Save Money

A guaranteed way to save big dollars in a restaurant kitchen is to invest in updated electronic scales.

The digital display scale is preferred over the traditional (and outdated) dial faced scale for better accuracy and portability. Old fashioned mechanical scales are often ‘nudged’ out of calibration, leading to over-portioning and higher overall expense.taylor tr250ss stainless scale for kitchen commercial receiving

Having accurate portions also insures that proper nutritional guidelines will be met when serving people with special dietary requirements.

The best scale that I have used in my commercial kitchen has been the Taylor TE32C electronic Scale with a 2 pound capacity. taylor te32c electronic scaleYou have the option of weighing your product in ounces or kilograms. A large flat weighing surface shortens prep time gaining long term savings on labor and payroll costs.

The Taylor 32 ounce is compact and can run on a single 9 volt battery making it portable enough to use anywhere that precise portions are needed. An AC adapter is also provided for convenience and conservation of your scales battery power.

For larger receiving jobs I recommend the Taylor TR250SS Scale. This super duty scale has a high 250 pound limit. When dealing with potentially hundreds of pounds of product shortages, the savings can be huge. Imagine being shortchanged several pounds of product a day. That volume can add up to serious dollar savings for a restaurant.

Being exact when getting product in the delivery door is as important as serving a ‘well balanced’ plate. Investing in the proper weighing equipment today will result in short term savings tomorrow and over time can and will add up!

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