Save A Restaurant Money

Saving money is always on the mind of restaurant owners, managers and professional chefs. There are many ways to cut your overhead and you’ll need to adopt the proper tactics for getting the last of those dollars into the bank. Substantial savings can be made by focusing on ‘controllable areas’.

Equipment Maintenance

  • One of the highest expenses a food service establishment can incur is equipment failure. Substantial savings can be made by learning about your restaurant appliances.
  • Identify ‘high cost’ equipment in your restaurant and be sure that these appliances are running at peak efficiency.
  • Preventative maintenance on equipment is key to controlling costs.
  • Clean refrigeration coils and filters on a monthly schedule.
  • Be sure that your staff is cleaning the equipment with a safe and proper procedure.
  • Create an ‘equipment file’ for easy reference on warranty claims or questions. Include all papers and manuals that came with the unit.
  • Register your products for warranty service. Often overlooked, it may be mandatory to submit a warranty form.
  • Perform simple repairs yourself. A little know how can go a long way towards savings. Be sure to have the proper tools.

Water Conservation

  • Water can be  a considerable expense if you own your restaurants property. Managing water usage can lead to considerable savings.
  • Install low flow rinse heads at your dishwasing stations.
  • Wash only full racks of dishes and smallwares.
  • Install low flow toilets and add aerators to handwashing faucets.
  • Consider watering requirements when landscaping.
  • Create a ” Conservation campaign” using posters and memos.

Deep Freeze For Savings

  • A key to saving cash in a commercial kitchen is utilizing your freezer. When you trim your sirloin strips, you’ll have small scraps of beef left over. Freeze these and save them for a sirloin beef stew.
  • If you have a large batch of soup and you can’t sell it out within a day, Zip-loc your leftovers for a quick and easy soup and sandwich next week.
  • A well organized freezer with ample space will enable you to buy full cases of product, usually at a sizeable discount.
  • Most items can be frozen for extended periods of time, stock up on products that are offering rebates and sale prices

Tips For Immediate Savings

Long Term Savings Plan 

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