Restaurant Staff Policies

Employee Handbook P. 4

Check Cashing Policy

We do not cash personal checks for employees. We do not cash payroll checks. We do not accept any checks from our customers without a managers authorization.

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Time Cards

A time card will be issued weekly to hourly employees. Punching your time card is required when reporting to work and at the end of every shift. Employees that perform more than one job function (i.e. dishwasher, bus boy, line cook) will be responsible to note the job performed on their time card. If the job function is not noted, you will be paid at your lowest job rate.

Shift Changes

In the event that you ‘swap a shift’ or have another staff member work for you, the change must be approved by your department manager. Also a ‘shift swap’ form must be filled out and signed by both personnel members.

 Break Periods

To take a break during your workshift, your seating section must be slow. Kitchen employees should have no food orders cooking. You must have another staff member cover your station. You must seek and obtain approval from a manager.

Cigarette Smoking

Smoking is prohibited by law inside the restaurant premises. You may smoke only in designated areas and with approval from a manager.

Personal Visits

Personal visits by friends and family members can be very distracting and are strongly discouraged. Our guests demand our fullest attention at all times. Non personnel are not allowed in ‘employee only’ areas.


Our restaurants telephones are meant for business purposes. No personal non-emergency calls are accepted. If you need to use your cell phone, abide by our cell phone policy.

Management Offices and Areas

Personnel are restricted from the management and office areas unless accompanied by a manager.

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