Employee Introduction

Welcome To Our Restaurant

This handbook contains management guidelines only. Our restaurant shall have the maximum discretion permitted by law to interpret, administer, change, modify or delete any rules, policies and benefits contained in this handbook at any time without notice. However, no statement or representation by a supervisor or other manager, whether oral or written, can supplement or modify this handbook. Any delay or failure by our company will not constitute a waiver of our right to do so in the future.

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Neither this handbook or any other communication by a management representative, whether oral or written, is intended to in any way to create a contract of employment. Since employment with our restaurant is voluntarily entered into, you are free to resign at any time. Also our company may terminate the employment whenever we feel it may be appropriate.

Our restaurant’s mission is to provide our guests with good food, refreshing drinks and exceptional service in a relaxed atmosphere. Our success can only be obtained with your help in gaining and keeping satisfied customers. Our company maintains high standards with the staff that we hire. Our employees are our “Good Will Ambassadors” to our welcome guests. We expect you to serve each of our customers in the most cordial manner possible.The entire staff at our restaurant shares a common goal, to serve our guests needs. Working as a team makes that goal much more easily attained.

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