Employee Responsibilities

Employee  Handbook P.2

Emergency Procedures

For emergency preparedness, all employees must be familiar with the location of emergency exits. Also be familiar with the location of fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems and their operation. Any and all medical injuries, whether a customer or employee, must be reported to the manager immediately.

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Security Of Property

We assume no responsibility for loss or damage to any employees personal property on our companies premises. You are responsible for securing your own belongings. Only bring essential properties to work with you.

Hourly Employees

Hourly employees will be issued a time card weekly. Do not clock in more than ten minutes before the scheduled start time of your shift, unless asked to do so by a manager. You will not be paid for punching in tooo early.


Only managers are authorized to sign for deliveries to our restaurant. If a delivery person asks you to sign an invoice, direct them to the manager on duty for that shift. If you have a difficult time locating a manager, ask the delivery person to wait until a manager is available. Never sign for anything without authorization!

Absence From Work

If you are unable to work at your scheduled time, you must make the effort to fill your shift with another employee capable of the required shift skills needed. If you have no success covering your shift, contact the restaurants manager at least four hours before the scheduled shift. Repeated absences or tardiness will be cause for termination of your employment.

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