Pest Elimination

Elimination Tactics:

Even with all of the pest prevention that you have diligently enacted, you will still have instances when these pesky creatures get past your defenses. They are clever, resourceful and relentless after all. Knowing how to rid your restaurant of these intruders without upsetting your staff and customers is essential.

For mice and rats, standard snap traps will work well enough. Bait your traps with peanut butter. This will keep the mouse at the trap until it snaps. Cheese and hard foods are easily stolensnap trap for restaurant pests from a trap without setting it off!  Keep these traps away from employee areas when you are able to. Also keep in mind that you don’t want a trap to be ‘sprung’ in a dining area when you have guests. Set your traps in these areas overnight or during hours that you may be closed.

If you start catching mice and rats, it’s time to investigate further and find out where they’re nesting, how they’re getting into the building and what they are feeding on. Eliminate any pathways and holes that rodents may be using for easy access. They will continually follow the same route to food once they find it

For insects, an insect control system that uses UV light to attract and trap anything with wings is very effective. In the case of cockroaches, call an exterminator right away.  Cockroaches are one of the most difficult pests to rid your restaurant of. It is going to take several treatments by a professional to eliminate the problem. Consider that it takes only one cockroach sighting to turn a customer away from your establishment for life.

Pest prevention and elimination should be a regular part of your sanitation program. Keeping unwanted rodents and insects from entering your restaurant can be time consuming and costly. Not only does it require an involved staff member to monitor and control outbreaks, you could potentially lose product if the infestation goes unnoticed for just a short period of time.