Pest Prevention

Taking the time to implement preventative measures can save hundreds of dollars that could be put to much better use. It may seem that you don’t have issues with rodents, but be assured where there is trash there are pests. Adopting a strategy to deal with these intruders BEFORE they are a problem is the best plan, saving hundreds in exterminator fees if you do get infiltrated.


Keep it clean. Pests want to be in your restaurant for two reasons: shelter and food. Your kitchen and dining areas are a warm clean restaurant for a pest free environmentand inviting place, but keeping these parts of your restaurant free of loose food scraps will make it less appealing. Rodents live to breed and eat, and if there is no food accessible they will move on to where the food is. Everything should be wrapped tight and put away at the end of the day.

Limit their travels.The best way to keep pests from making your restaurant their new home is to make it very hard for them to break in. Use caulking, screens, and other patching materials to block holes wherever they occur. The most common areas where holes occur are around doors, ventilation systems, pipes, and plumbing installations. Inspect your walls, stairwells and baseboards for ‘traveling holes’ that mice or rats may use to get around your restaurant. Block these holes as securely as possible.

Also, keeping your storage areas free of clutter and outdated product will help you recognize when a problem exists. Make sure particularly sweet or strong-smelling ingredients are stored in airtight ingredient bins to prevent pests from smelling them and being attracted to the aromas.

Most importantly, hire a professional pest control company to perform a scheduled ‘prevention service call’. When you are on a once a month or even twice a month schedule your rates for services are more negotiable and affordable. Call several local companies to get quotes on service, but be sure to ask what the service covers. Look for a reputable exterminator that will perform indoor as well as outdoor protection services.

If you’re vigilant about these preventative measures, you can avoid unwanted expense, frustration and potential embarassment. If you do discover an infestation problem, then address it right away with the help of a professional when needed.  The risk to your business is much larger than the expense of extermination.

Pest prevention and elimination should be a regular part of your sanitation program. Keeping unwanted rodents and insects from entering your restaurant can be time consuming and costly. Not only does it require an involved staff member to monitor and control outbreaks, you could potentially lose product if the infestation goes unnoticed for just a short period of time.


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