E-marketing Tips

When beginning an e-mail marketing campaign for your restaurant, remember to offer something every time you send an email. Diner’s are more frugal than ever and are looking out for a bargain.

Plan a campaign where you have something to offer each time you contact your customers. Whether it’s a drawing for concert tickets, a discount during certain hours or a free dessert, let your customers know that they are getting something just for opening your correspondence.

Sending emails full of information about your restaurant can be a drawback. The truth is that most customers really don’t want to be bothered reading an email about a restaurant. Keep your advertisement clear and concise by stating exactly why your customers will ‘benefit’ by coming to your restaurant.

Create a schedule and stick to it. In general, sending out emails once every ten days is probably the best route. Using a 10 day schedule will also “mix” the days of the week that your email is sent. With this method you can learn which days of the week your campaign is most effective. No matter how frequently you decide to send out email, stick to the same schedule so that customers begin to expect your emails. This will improve the chances that your email will be opened and read.

Avoid spammy words and punctuation. Words like free and buy now cause automatic spam filters to flag an incoming email message. Excessive punctuation, such as exclamation points and all capitalized letters will also set off the alarm. Avoid these spammy looking words and punctuation in your emails as they may be a detriment to your campaign.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to email marketing is to experiment. The best way to optimize your strategy is to try different types of offers and presentations until you find the one that gets the most customers in the door.