E Mail Marketing A Restaurant

Marketing via email is an effective way for retailers to reach the consumer. It can also be an direct marketing tool for your restaurant as well. Email is an economical way to reach your customers as it is cheaper to send 
than print advertisements and much easier to manage as well. A well thought out  E-mail campaign can quickly become the most effective way for you to connect with your customers.

Ask your customers to sign up. CrStreamSend.comeating an e-mail list of your guests takes time to manage but is well worth the effort. Encourage your customers to sign up through your restaurants website or offer a ‘special discount’ for registering their e-mail address. The best way to collect email addresses is to offer a little something in return and get your customer to volunteer their email address.

It is important to make sure your customers understand that they are signing up to receive emails. Make it clear that they will be hearing from you in the future. Don’t send emails unless they are requested. Sending unsolicited email is also known as SPAM. You don’t want to annoy your clientelle.

Track the success of your email marketing campaign. Try different types of offers and see which ones have the highest conversion rate. In other words, does a 10% off coupon on any meal over $25 work better than a buy one – get one offer during your off peak hours? The only way to know for sure is to get customers who have heard about the deal through your email campaign to use a coupon or code when redeeming their discount.

Use a proper email marketing system. There are many options available. Be sure you do your research first. These services usually charge you per email or per number of subscribers. Choose one that works for you and invest in a proper provider. These email services offer valuable tracking functions that provide important information, such as how many people opened your emails, how many clicked links in your emails, etc. Don’t try to send emails out from your Hotmail or g-mail account as it may appear unprofessional.

When used properly, email marketing can be one of the most cost effective ways to bring customers back to your restaurant again and again. A little time, a little research, and a lot of experimenting can turn email into one of your top advertising moneymakers.

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