Sample Cell Phone Policy

Company Cell Phone Policy

As an employee, there are some things to keep in mind when you are carrying
a cell phone at your workplace:

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Turn your ringer OFF or set it to vibrate while at your workstation. Even if you’ve selected a tasteful ring tone, multiple incoming calls will be noticed by co-workers and management. You also want to avoid having your phone ring while addressing your customers.

Let unimportant calls go to voicemail. While it’s comforting to have an instant connection to the important people in your life, frequent calls during your workday will often reflect negatively on your concentration, resulting in lost productivity in your duties.

Some phone calls may also put you in a ‘bad mood’ if you are having difficulties outside of the workplace. This can affect your co-workers and could lead to an awkward work environment. It is also important to always have a smile on your face while interacting with your guests.

When you must use your cell phone, make any calls that you feel are necessary during a ‘break period’. If you need to make an emergency call, inform the manager of your situation so that your work station will be covered while you make your call.

Never use your phone in the restrooms or in view of the customers.

Inform those that might call you while you are at work that you aren’t able to accept their calls during work hours. This will cut down dramatically on frequent incoming calls.

Never play games, surf the internet or text message ‘back and forth’ while at work. This is unproductive and distracting and can lead to hazardous situations for yourself and your co-workers.

Always remember: Until recently, cell phones were NOT a part of every day living and the world survived without ‘constant communication’. Taking a break from your wireless connections while you are at work may actually relieve stress in your life and lead to greater job satisfaction!

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