Managing Cell Phones

Owners & Managers Responsibilities

It is the duty of the management of a restaurant to develop and reinforce its procedures and policies. Let staff members know when they are in violation of regulations. Produce a formal written company policy  regarding cell phone use at work. More and more businesses will be joining those who have already published regulations and restrictive policies. Having a defined company stance regarding cell phone use is essential. Being able to cite that policy when confronting a staff member in violation is the most convincing way to state your case.

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Place “No Cell Phones” Plastic Signs around your establishment and post your written policy regarding cell phones in employee areas. Having a visible reminder of what your regulations are will act as a deterrent.

When developing your cell phone plans keep the employees views in mind and try to compromise enough that you won’t need to constantly act as the “police” and enforce the rules. Allowing for cell phone use at certain times or in particular areas is an easy concession to make and can save time and energy.

Update your policy in writing as needed. When something isn’t working as you had planned, sometimes a slight revision to the program is all that is needed to attain satisfactory results. Review any changes and updates with your staff