Allergy Awareness

Millions of people have allergies to certain foods. These allergies can range from mild reactions to life threatening situations. Being informed is the key to prevention!

Most Common Food Allergens
90 % of all food allergy reactions are caused by peanuts or tree nuts, seafood (most often a shellfish allergy), eggs, milk, wheat and soy.allergy awareness

Always let your guests make their own informed decision. When a guest informs you that someone in their party has a food allergy, follow these four rules:

  • Refer – refer your food allergy concern to the chef, manager, or person in charge.
  • Review – review the the food allergy with the guest and check ingredients labels.
  • Remember – remember to check the preparation procedure for potential cross-contact.
  • Respond – respond to the guest and inform them of your findings.

Potential Sources of Cross Contact:

  • Cooking oils splatter
  • Steam from cooking foods
  • All utensils (spoons,knives,spatulas,etc..)
  • Cutting boards,bowls, and steam table pans.
  • Fryers, grills and all cooking surfaces.

To prevent contamination when your equipment comes in contact with food allergens, it must be washed thoroughly with hot soapy water and sanitizer.

If a guest has an allergic reaction –

Notify the person in charge and call 911 !!

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