Chefs Career Demands

Before you can decide whether or not to become a chef, you should first consider the demands that are placed on a chef.

Chances are that you will be working when most of your peers aren’t working. Nights and weekends are standard shifts for a chef. It is also essential to lead your crew to success in the kitchen during holiday festivities. Without the chef there is no chef career demands

A chef will need to be able to spend long shifts working on his or her feet with little time for anything but short break periods.

A chef is responsible for many other staff members in the kitchen as well. You will need to offer a forum for your staff to vent their stresses as all levels of restaurant work can be very demanding.

You need to know what is going on around you at all times, and have excellent organizational and communication skills. Inspire loyalty from your staff by supporting them whenever possible.

Chefs spend a great deal of time with others and should enjoy working with people as a team.

A good chef knows that for a kitchen to run smoothly, he must be the one who can make split second decisions that are effective. He must be the glue that holds the restaurant together.

Showing off or “showboating” in a kitchen is detrimental to your goals. Aid all members of the staff to achieve the goals set for your team. You absolutely need to work together for success.