A Chef’s Life

The word “chef ” is derived from the phrase “Chef de cuisine”. He is the head of the kitchen, the “chief”. The popular use of the title chef, especially in the United States, has become a term to mean anyone who cooks in a professional environment.

There are quite a few places a chef can choose to work including restaurants, hospitals, hotels and resorts.

These are the more common venues for a chef but there are many more, providing ample opportunities for anyone considering this as their chosen profession.

There are also many choices that can be made regarding the position a chef may take in their work space. Types of Chefs include -pastry chef – saucier – executive chef – sous chef – and personal chef, but knowledge in culinary applications can be of great use in many career choices.

Working in a kitchen environment can be a very stressful job. Handling stress calmly will be of great help to you in this profession. It can be especially difficult for someone that doesn’t already know what it’s like to be under such working conditions.

As a head or executive chef, you must be in charge of the kitchen staff and all of its goings on. That means that in the kitchen, you are the boss. You need to be able to handle a leadership role. Making quick decisions that are effective is a skill you must master.

Be a leader when all seems overwhelming. When you are in a tight spot and all seems lost , you are the one that the rest of the staff is looking to for guidance.

A chef needs to have a positive attitude, being “Happy to be here!!” is a must in any kitchen environment. Remember, this is the profession you have chosen.

Creativity is an attribute that any chef must possess, but sometimes creativity draws criticism. Handling criticism well is a much more important quality. What one person likes may not be favorable by another.

Over time, you’ll need to build relationships with many others that are associated with your organization. Whether it’s service people to work on your equipment or marketing associates for your groceries supplier, you’ll need to have the right connections.

Always consider that cooking is, above all, a business. It’s all about generating revenue. A truly great chef can balance all of these things and still remain successful in all aspects of his or her life.

Chef’s Career Demands

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