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A must have for your restaurant is an up-to-date employee handbook. When new employees arrive they should be given a written set of rules, regulations and policies. This will serve as a reminder to even your long term employees. “House Policies” need to be adhered to for them to be effective and even a small lapse in routine can lead to unacceptable behaviors.

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When developing an employee manual, focus on problem areas that have plagued your restaurant in the past. If cell phones have been an ongoing nuisance, then consider an all out ban on these devices. If smoking cigarettes costs you productive time from your staff, then think about what may make the offenders think twice about lighting up while the rest of the staff is covering their station.

In addition to providing a written account of what a team member should and should not do, a handbook for a restaurant employee should also contain information about benefits, insurance and vacations. Provide as much information as possible and add new updates to your policies as they become available.

A restaurant manual for employees protects your business, while keeping a clear line of communication between the management of a restaurant and its employee base. It should be designed and written with the employees best interests in mind.

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