Chefs Defined

Executive Chef

The executive Chef is in charge of the kitchen with a full staff at his command. He plans and writes the menus and coordinates all activities pertaining to the kitchen. The executive chef attends daily conferences with other heads of departments related to the food service. It is the Executive chefs responsibility to see that all food served from various kitchens in the establishment is prepared and served according to the companies standards and practices.

Sous Chef

The Sous Chef is second in command and is responsible for the physical aspect of the kitchen operation, including supervision of kitchen personnel as well as the preparation of and serving of food.

Working Chef

The Working chef is in charge of smaller hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. Production may be on a smaller scale, thereforeĀ the kitchen staff may be smaller and the working chef takes over a part of a station or an entire station. During serving hours he performs the lead duties of a sous chef except that he both works and supervises.

Chef de Partie – Chef De cuisine

This chef is in charge of a department, such as the fry station, broiler station, Sandwich/Salads. He oversees all activity from a specific area of the production line.

Chef Steward

A chef steward isĀ  needed in Medium to large production kitchens. He is responsible for ordering and receiving all supplies. Largely a daytime position a chef steward meets with sales representatives and suppliers, comparing pricing and quality to ensure the best costs and buying practices.

Banquet Chef

The banquet chef has full charge of breakfast, luncheon and dinner parties or buffets. He is responsible for all stations to which banquet work has been assigned.

Pastry Chef

The pastry chef supervises the pastry department, writes the dessert menus, requisitions materials and schedules the work for his assistants. This chef also is in charge of decorating cakes, making ornamental pieces and figuring & controlling production costs

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