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ebay4If you are looking for the best metal turners for your grill or restaurant, then Dexter-Russell is the brand you want. Dexter-Russell stainless steel turners offer performance above all other manufacturers. Solid metal spatulas by Dexter Russell are designed for commercial use and combine durability, value and efficiency. These turners are perfect for busy restaurant kitchens and are counted on by chefs who prefer the firm feel of a true heavy duty spatula. Solid 1 piece designed blade offers ultimate reliability. These turners are perfect for flipping burgers, steaks and chicken breasts on your hot grill or they are the ideal accessory for a flat top griddle, turning pancakes, quesadillas and other menu items. A high quality durable stainless steel blade is precision ground and provides a stiff feel with the right amount of flexibility for easilyy handling food. This blade also has a beveled edge making it effortless to scoop steaks and burgers. An impervious sani safe blade-to-handle seal also ensures the utmost in sanitation.

Made in the USA with American manufacturing standards that rank well above the rest of the world.

You would have to buy ten of the ‘Made in China’ spatulas to match just one that is:

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