Relief For Chafing Sweat Rash

sweat rash instant relief from the pain of chafing rashWhether you are a foodservice worker, a power walker or a politician out shaking hands, you’ve probably experienced the extremely painful “Heat Rash” or sweat rash that is caused by skin rubbing against skin or clothing. It is most common around the inner thigh area and slows you down to a ‘crawl’.

Getting back in the game with instant relief is crucial to keep you in top form.

The Chef Shops Heat Rash Relief is an ideal blend of pure ‘soothing’ cornstarch & absorbent talc and is very lightly fragranced. Its slim design bottle is the perfect size for a front pocket or ladies handbag.

An easy to apply powder, just sprinkle into your hand (about 1 teaspoon) and apply directly to the affected area for instant, long lasting relief. There are dozens of applications per bottle. More serious cases of red sweat rash may require larger applications.

Ideal for chefs and cooks, waitstaff, construction workers and athletes, anyone on the go. Apply prior to a busy day and prevent that painful chafing rash before it starts.

Heat rash is a common condition among chefs, cooks, bartenders and waitstaff. Anyone that spends long hours on the go has experienced the pain caused by the burning red rash that develops when you are sweating excessively and moving quickly. A ‘sweat rash’ can develop anywhere where skin or clothing causes friction. The most common area is the inner thighs. When your legs are rubbing together, the area becomes enflamed with a painful red ‘chafing rash’.

This sensitive condition can result from humid weather during physical activity. Joggers, walkers, construction workers or fast food workers will benefit from the smooth, soothing, instant relief from heat rash. Treat and prevent chafing rashes by applying a small amount (about 1 teaspoon) of The Chef Shops Heat Rash Relief directly to the affected area.

Having over thirty years in the restaurant industry – I’ve found that the only thing that really works is a specific blend of cornstarch and lightly fragranced talc. The cooling ‘smooth glide’ feel of corn starch along with the absorbency of talc will have you back in perfect form for your days work.

I’ve found that gels make matter worse and have an uncomfortable feel. A dry powder is  easier to apply and our slim bottle design is just the right size for your front pocket or handbag.

The Chef Shops Heat Rash Relief is a powder not a gel or cream.

*For external use only, if accidently ingested seek medical help

Mild heat rash will typically subside on its own after several days. If you experience only slight itching or discomfort, you can wait a few days to see how your symptoms progress. No matter the case, you should go to a doctor as soon as the rash becomes worse or if it does not go away. A rash could be a symptom of many different things and could be warning signs of more dangerous conditions.  If you start to experience additional symptoms, you should contact your doctor. Pain, vomiting, fever, breathing difficulty, blisters, bleeding, and blackened skin are all warning signs that you may be experiencing a more severe illness. No matter how minor you think your symptoms are, you should consult a doctor  if you feel the slightest bit of concern.

contains – Pure cornstarch, talc, fragrance

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