A Valentine for the Chef

Originally observed as a day to honor martyred Christians named Valentine, Saint Valentines Day has become a day to celebrate love and affection. The first written association of Valentines Day with romance was in 1382. Geoffry Chaucer penned a poem titled ‘Parlement Of Foules’.

He wrote, “For this was Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird cometh there to choose his mate”. This poem was written to commemorate the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II to Anne of Bohemia. This was the beginning of the Valentines Day traditions that we practice today.

Dining out is one of the most popular ways to show your loved ones that they are dear to your heart. That means that the chef is going to be exceptionally busy right around the middle of February. Reservations are lined up for romantic dinners for two and happy family celebrations. There is extra prep work to be done and menu planning for such an important date is critical for success. There is little time left for any ‘personal plans’ and what little free time you have is usually spent resting up for the next day.

With all of the stress and craziness that goes on behind the scenes, busy chefs need to know they are loved too! So, How do you show that the chef in your life is special? Usually the first thing that a chef wants is ‘A day off to spend with their family’- (We posted this question on facebook and that was the most popular response!) – Other things that a chef might want for Valentine’s Day are a Trivet with a Valentines motif or a Heart Shaped Casserole.

Chef’s love to cook and when it comes to making a special dish for that special someone, a Valentine Cookbook would offer a wide selection of romantic dinner ideas. A new set of pans would make preparation a breeze and a top notch dessert plate would wrap up your intimate dinner with elegant style.

Rarely does the person in charge of the kitchen get the opportunity to dine out at their favorite restaurant. So after the tables are cleared, the guests have departed and the chef finally gets his long anticipated day off from the busy kitchen, treat them to what they really want most of all – a friendly restaurant and some quality time with the ones they love!

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