What A Chef Wants For Christmas

When I was a little Chef I always wanted a Little Cook Kitchen Tool Kit , that’s how I knew i wanted to be a chef. Everyone else knew I wanted to be a chef too because one year I got a Toys for Chefs book. (I didn’t ask for that!) I would have much rather had a Mario Batali Wind Up Chef or an all in one kitchen from Educo .

But, now that i am a grown up chef I need big chef presents. One thing that I saw and I think that I would use all the time is Stainless Steel Soap . This cool chef gadget gets rid of the smell of garlic and onions from my hands, and you know how my wife doesn’t like that. Also I saw a really cool Whimsical Watch which would help out in the kitchen, timing is such an important part of my job. Another thing that caught my eye were these Chef’s Knives Sterling Silver Cufflinks , I do like chef jewelry .

There are a few other things on my chef’s Christmas list. I do have that “high tech chef” side of me, so a brand new Kindle reader would be a great way to start a cookbook library for myself without sacrificing too much space. MasterCook software is a super convenient way to store and manage my own recipes so that is a must have item for me this year and I could probably use a 2GB Sub Sandwich Flash Drive .

It wouldn’t be Christmas without something “Christmasy” under the tree. I was thinking that we should probably get the 2010 Hallmark Keepsake Ornament , or even a wintery kind of sweatshirt, you know, one that a chef would like! It would keep me warm in the morning when I head off to the kitchen.

Well if I haven’t been as ‘nice’ as I should have been, then i guess just a pair ofnice chef pants , and perhaps a Hell’s Kitchen Style Chef Jacket or two are always things that a chef needs.

Thanks for listening and I’ll try to be a nicer chef this year.

Chef Randy

I need more Pots & Pans


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