Bullying and Harrasment Policy

Two often overlooked issues in the restaurant businesss are sexual harassment and bullyism.

Often an employee may be afraid to speak up against a bully or predator for fear of reprisal. Having a dual policy, covering bullying and sexual harassment, in place for your restaurant or any workplace is not only good sense but it may also be the law.

Knowing your states requirements and enforcing a  written policy will serve as protection in the event that your establishment becomes involved in any legal proceedings.

Bullying has come to the forefront of social awareness in recent years. It can ‘bring down’ the entire staff leading to slower production times, a lower quality of product and eventually fewer customers.

‘Playful banter’ and harmless flirting have always been prevalent in a fast paced restaurant environment, but learning to recognize when the behavior has become uncomfortable for others is key to curbing unwanted and unwelcomed consequences.

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