Safe & Easy Lobster Handling

If you love lobster but you are a little squeamish about handling them, then stretchable mesh steaming bags are just what you’ll need. With a powerful ‘crusher claw’ and a quick ‘pincher claw’, a fiesty hard shelled Maine lobster can be intimidating to even a seasoned culinarian.

seafood bags for safe handling lobster

‘Calming’ a lobster can be easily done by inserting it into a mesh steamer bag and tying the end of the bag so that the lobsters legs, claws and tail are safely enclosed. When your lobster has finished cooking, simply cut the mesh clam boil bag away and serve with lobster crackers and drawn butter.

Enjoying a shore dinner with lobster, clams and shellfish can be messy and hard to coordinate. Being able to portion all of your seafood feast ingredients into separate bags not only allows you to ‘time’ your items that may have different cooking requirements, it also aids in quick and easy service when feeding large groups and gatherings.

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