Lobster Dishes For Summer

Traditionally, whole lobster is prepared by boiling or steaming, but lobster is as versatile as it is delicious. Fresh shucked
lobster meat can be added to nearly any classic dish to add a New England seafood twist.

Sauteed Lobster Bianco

Linguini with white clam sauce is still an all time favorite. Now add tender lobster claws and fresh Maine lobster tail, simmer it all together and toss it with linguini noodles. This dish is guaranteed to have the most dedicated lobster lover asking for more.

Lobster Fettucini Alfredo

Fresh Maine lobster and tender fettuccine noodles tossed in a creamy parmesan alfredo sauce. Decadent and delicious, this dish will satisfy your guests that are craving Italian!

Lobster Stir Fry

For an authentic stir fry dish, a wok is the must have tool. No other pan will give you the same “easy toss” performance that the well balanced wok will! Your favorite fresh garden vegetables along with tender lobster claws and fresh Maine lobster tail can be turned into a signature dish for your restaurant.

Lazy Lobster Pie

When you prepare a lazy lobster pie you’ll need to create a fresh bread stuffing, Whether you crave pier fresh sea scallops or if you prefer sweet baby shrimp, the seafood that you select to blend with your stuffing is as important as the lobster itself.

Lobster Salad Roll

The lobster roll is the quintessential summertime treat.  A traditional New England dish.

There are as many ways to prepare lobster as there are chefs and no matter how you pair your ingredients, lobster will always be a great indulgence.

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